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Goofy is a widower whose only family and reminder of his wife is his son Max.

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Cookie Butter Latte 

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Taschen Tapestry Magazine

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Ive known lindsey for a good amount of time and I want you to know that this is how she is when it comes to drama. Im not siding with either of you two but and I dont wtf is going on or want to get in the middle of it, but i know she wont stop until she knows shes right. I hope this isnt offending in any way because thats really not my intention.I feel really bad that shes accusing you and your friends for REALLY dumb shit. Just do your best to ignore her and let her just sit and be angry lol.

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Sleeping Beauties

When animals are asleep, they are at their most vulnerable; even the most dangerous predator can look beautiful & gentle while sleeping. When in the land of dreams, all creatures are equals in this world. We are all Sleeping Beauties, just like the creatures in these beautiful sleeping animal pictures.


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Katharina Fritsch’s Hahn/Cock was unveiled yesterday as the newest contemporary art addition to Trafalgar Square in London. Fritsch’s sculpture is a large cockerel in ultramarine blue and stands as a “a symbol for regeneration, awakening and strength,” as well as referring “in an ironic way, to male-defined British society and thoughts about biological determinism.”

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